Herefordshire Kid Meat Goes Slow in Goatober

OCTOBER looks set to be a busy month for Trecorras Farm. We are delighted to be supporting Slow Food week, which takes place during the first week of October, and Goatober, a month long celebration of delicious kid meat, which launches in the UK this year.  The two initiatives have the same aim – to promote and celebrate our rich food traditions.

Goatober is well established in the USA where goat dairy and meat producers work together to promote this delicious and under-valued meat and to highlight the plight of billy goats who, as unable to produce milk for dairy products, are euthanized at birth

Goatober builds on the growing popularity of kid meat and we are asking chefs and restaurants to join this national campaign and serve kid goat on their menus.

We supply this tasty and versatile meat to chefs and restaurants locally in Herefordshire and also in London. We are extremely excited to announce that we have launched a Merguez sausage and will shortly be taking Slow Food to a new level with our Charcuterie products which are made exclusively for us by Gloucestershire artisan charcuterers Native Breeds Charcuterie. The products contain 100 % kid meat and use only organic ingredients.

Go on - go Slow in Goatober and try some kid meat!  Post photos, recipes, reviews and recommendations using #Trecorrasfarm, #Slowfood and#Goatober and spread the word.


Read our latest media release about our support for #Goatober and our exciting new products: Merguez Sausages and a charcuterie range.

The release below has been issued to national media and chefs.  For more information, high resolution images and comment please contact Julie Joseph tel: 01989 770258.  Thank you. 

Click here  to view a pdf of the release.