Our Environment

Farming to High Environmental Standards

We farm our environment to high standards. We appreciate the beauty of where we live and how the land supports us. So we take care to protect the land for future generations to enjoy and benefit from as much as we do today.

We operate a no till system on our crops to improve soil quality and minimise erosion and flooding. We also grow crops that encourage wild life and pollinators. In July and August our glorious blue borage flowers are a haven for bees. We currently house around 90 hives for a local bee keeper who produces honey that has a wonderfully distinctive flavour.

We are part of the mid tier Country side Stewardship Scheme looking to enhance biodiversity on the farm which includes planting crops to encourage birds and feed them during winter and also planting wild flowers to increase insect species.

As well as taking care of our own land, we do all we can to support sustainable farming in our local area. For example, John is a member of the Herefordshire Soil Group that works to improve the quality of local soil and minimise soil erosion.

In 2020 John started a programme of regenerative farming which reduces significantly the need for chemical inputs and takes a moree nvironmentally sustainable approach to farming.